Alexsteadi steady shots services

Dubai based STEADICAM, TRINITY 2, GSS and Drone owner - operator

I have 22 years of experience in commercials, TV broadcasting, sports, films, TV shows, documentaries, ENG, social and corporate videos in Europe, the Mena region, and worldwide.


I remember the darkroom where my father developed his photographs with his analogue camera. I loved sneaking into the mysterious red gloom, getting dizzy with the intense smell of chemicals and winding between the photographs hung with clothespins on lines that ran around the studio (a modified bathroom) to dry. It was pure magic to me. Still is. My father showed me how to change the reels, manage the focal length, and use the shutter speed. My curiosity turned into passion. And my passion is my way of life.

I was born and raised in Spain. I have worked for world-known brands with the leading film and TV production companies in Spain and the UAE, trekking to many unique corners of the world. I am always eager to discover new places and people to find their best angles to shoot.

I have been a camera operator since 2003, specializing in steadicam operation since 2008. I am also certified as a Trinity 2 operator/owner by ARRI. For the past six years, I have been flying and shooting as a drone camera and pilot and operating the Cineflex/GSS System.

I try new gadgets and the latest audiovisual technology whenever I can. My curiosity and stubbornness have made me a versatile and up-to-date camera operator. From a low angle with the trinity to the sky with the drone, tell me what shot you need, and together, we will find that fantastic image that enhances the storytelling and leaves the viewer breathless.




Alexsteadi Steadicam System

Steadicam/Trinity2 Operator

I shoot films, TVC, broadcast and TV shows.

Camera Operator

All types of TV genres: Sports, news, documentaries, fiction, shows and realities.

Aerial Filming

Licensed drone company. Aerial filming, live broadcast and fly permits. Ready to fly.

Cineflex/GSS camera stabilizer

I have worked as GSS operator in many tv live broadcast productions such as camels, horse races, rowing and more.