High-end Steadicam and Trinity2 System

ARRI Trinity2

Elegantly combining mechanical and electronic stabilization, the hybrid TRINITY 2 sets a new high standard for body-mounted stabilization with seemingly impossible camera moves. Second-generation benefits include enhanced monitoring, rigging, LBUS connectivity, as well as powerful control interfaces and easy on-the-fly adjustments.

TRINITY2+Steadicam package

Pick up the best tool for the best results. Bringing the two systems on sets assures you the best framings. Even with only one camera switching between systems it’s really fast.

Steadicam Arri Artemis 2, Flowcine X-arm and Transvideo Cinemonitor

High-end steadicam system for any film or tv-broadcasting camera. Ready to do any kind of shooting such as camera car low or high mode. Fully equipped system with tally light, g-zoom focus and zoom controller and wave 1 horizon stabilizer.

Wave 1 from Betz tools

To stabilize the horizon to the most appropriate view in our visual perception, even in high wind conditions, running or in a camera car. The system can be also used in a tripod or easy rig.

Combination of Steadicam+Segway

You can have amazing shots with the combination of the steadicam stabilizer and the movement, up to 25 Km/h, of the segway handsfree.

Sunbounce Wind-killer

Adicam film cart

Zoom and Tally light for broadcast productions

ENG camera package

Sony FX3 camera fully equipped with accessories:

-Sony Fx3 camera -Sigma 28-70 lens f2.8 -Tamron lens 70-180 f2.8 

-2 wireless lapele mics 

-Manfrotto tripod 

-Set of 3 led lights with stands 

-Ronin RS2 Pro combo 

-Sony camera-mount microphone 

-Blackmagic Video Assist 3 monitor recorder